The course is currenctly in English language(simple english, if you’re IT pro, you can understand easily) but I am also creating in Hindi language, within few days it’ll be available.

The Videos are shared in the member’s area, you cannot download them however you can watch it anytime you want – any number of times you want. All you need is a Mobile/Laptop and an Internet connection.

Nothing special, just any IT skill even simple web design or wordpress skill is good, internet, laptop or pc and little bit knowledge of English(only text communication via message or chat, no verbal talk).

Zero …you don’t need to invest even a penny after getting this course.

We give lifetime support to our students so you can ask as many questions you want and we have a dedicated Facebook group also for the student.

It’s a recorded course which will be given to you in a video format. On join, you will create account and password using which you can watch all lesson in one go.

Don’t worry, after payment you’ll redirect on page where you’ll get information about access of this course.

As an international IT freelancer, you’ll work for international company or client remotely while living in India.This is main thing.

However, apart from working as an international IT freelancer, I have also included training on how you can get fix salary job in international company while living in India and working from India.

Absolutely, yes, it is fully remote work from home that you can do from anywhere beach, park, bedroom, garden etc.This is the best thing about international IT freelancing, you’ll get complete freedom.

Any IT professional or pursuing IT candidate is fit for it, even though they don’t have any skill expertise. Few skill like wordpress could be learn within few days or month, if you’re from IT backgroud.

However, if you are IT pro then must have some kind of IT skill already that’s why you’re 200% fit for it.

Here don’t need any degree, so even NON-IT guy can also work, if they have any IT skill or they can learn, if they want.

No fix working hour, you can start with 30 min per day and as per work demand can go up.

Later, once you start getting more client hence more project, you can do byself or hire someone to do it for you. So working hour is completely in your control. You’ll get paid enough, to hire someone else to do it for you as well. 

As soon as, your profile grow, your workload will decrease.

NOPE, this is complete comprehensive training, included complete knowledge of International IT freelancing(many people just know few) ways, so after going through this course, first you will have complete knoweldge of ways you can become international IT Freelancer. I’m sure, after going through this, you’ll say…oh so aise bhi kar skate hain, ye to hame pata bhi nahi tha (oh, we can do like this as well, i was not knowing such thing is also possible).

Second comes, SUPER FRAMEWORK TRAINING. You can apply it on any form of international IT freelancing and it’ll work for sure. Without this, no matter what you do or how much knoweldge you have, you can not become successful in online freelancing world. It will work great for both beginner to pro level IT professional.

Third, I have also included some platform specific training like website flipping, IT product based platform etc.

Again, NO, NO, NO…listen if you’re expert in coding or programming, damn good, you can offer your services.

But if you’re not, no worry at all, wordpress like thing also work great where you can build great websites using drag drop content management system (CMS). And you know, how big demand of website thing, specially after covid.

Yes, it’s great to have this knowledge before you join any professional course because in that case, you will stress out of job or placement type thing and work on your skill rather that doing too many thing that is of no value.

I have one special section for pursuing IT candidate on how to use this training, if you are pursuing IT candidate.

I still regret that why I was not aware about this while doing B.tech because if that was the case..I never had to face so much trouble.I CAN SAY, THIS IS MUST HAVE COURSE FOR EVERY IT PEOPLE EITHER PRO OR BEGINNER OR PURSUING.

This is common question, many people have in mind. Let me tell you friend, sky is the limit here. It is far from any normal guy could imagine, I personally know many international freelancer who make more than 20 to 30 lakh per month. When it comes to average freelancer earning , it’s 20 lakh per annum (paypal reprt, see screenshot above).

It’s all depend on your effort and honesty while following this training principle (making customer happy).

Not only that, in second section, I have also shown live how people are making million dollar from this. Even simple, website design skill guy making millions.Do not worry, you’ll see it live in training.

You just need conversational English as we talk on message or chat or email, no talking, no verbal communication. If you can chat in English, mean if can write simple english, you can do this.

However, I will tell few online tools that you can use to check grammar and spelling mistakes, do not worry about it. I know few guy also use Google transaltor for english help and they use it for professional communication.

Please call us on +91-8789822881 or write to us at info@iitfschool.com and we will take care of your queries.